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02 Dec '15

These Puppies Just Discovered The Shocking Truth About Santa

Posted by Helen M

Help these puppies recover with an Oscar & Ethel scarf this Christmas. We're offering $20 off each order made from 02/12/2015 to 31/12/2015. Just enter the discount code - Woofmas - at checkout.  And don't worry, we won't say a word to their little siblings.  

Wait, WHAT? 

A photo posted by Bianca Tai (@bianx0) on

But who ate the cookies???


A photo posted by Danielle (@color_me_quirky) on

O. M. G 

A photo posted by @fionyu on

No, no I'm fine I'm just processing some feelings right now.

A photo posted by Stephanie (@stephanie1391) on

You've known about this for how long???

A photo posted by @rich_running on

Who else knows about this?

Wait, this is just a joke right? Like, lol? 

A photo posted by Suspicious Dog (@suspiciousdog) on

OK yes a treat would help a bit. 

A photo posted by Lupin Stocks (@lupin_loves) on

Ok over it now. Thanks for my scarf. Off to play now love you bye. 

A photo posted by Dan Don (@littlebig_dd) on

Gifts for the family, friends and fur babies are available now on our shop. Use discount code Woofmas for $20 each order!

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