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19 Oct '15

Dogs That Tried Their Hardest To Hide From Monday

Posted by Helen M

10/10 for effort. 0/10 for success. 

1. This dog who pretended to be a mop. 


2. This dog who pretended to be a carpet.


3. This dog who pretended to be a beach. 

A photo posted by Hazel (@detect_the_doodle) on


4. This dog who pretended to be wheat. 


5. This dog who thought he was shorter. 

A photo posted by Duncan (@duncan_the_maltipoo) on


6. This dog who found a better use for a decorative storage box.


7. This dog who waits quietly for Monday to pass. 


8. These two partners in crime who still needed to breathe.


9. This dog who thinks if I can't see them they can't see me


10. This dog who tried but couldn't resist a toe sniff.


11. This dog who tried to blend in.

A photo posted by Belle (@sillybelle) on


12. This dog who took extreme measures.


 13. This dog whose desperation reeks.


14. This dog who has zero spacial awareness.


15. This dog who'd rather have a bath then head into the office.   

A photo posted by @sio209 on



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