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29 Mar '16

All The Motivation You Need After A Long Weekend

Posted by Helen M

These go-getters are an inspiration to us all on the first day back at work. 

1. This guy, who can't wait to bound out of the door. 

A photo posted by Bryan Benzel (@bbenzel) on

2. This bundle of energy, who can't wait to tackle those spreadsheets. 

3. This wonder-dog who wants a team meeting - stat!

A photo posted by @pititenoix2coco on

4. This yogi, starting the day off right with a sun salutation.

5. This beauty, who's full of the joys of Spring.

6. This guy with the can-do attitude we all need to go far in life. 

7. This guy, who's excited about replying to all the emails he ignored on Thursday.

A photo posted by Mr. Woo (@wobblesthegriff) on

8. This lady, who's definitely not counting down to the next long weekend.

A photo posted by Carlos & Dana (@carlosanddana) on

9. This guy, who knows that today is the first day of the rest of his life.

10. And this guy, who smiles through life's hurdles.

A photo posted by Luna (@lunathemoonmoon) on

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