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16 Aug '16

10 Dogs That Aren't On Tinder, But Should Be

1. He’s looking for something casual, but hey at least he’s honest about it.

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2. He needs someone who’ll laugh at his jokes, which are hilarious by the way.

3. She’s looking for someone who’ll make an effort with her girls.

4. He wants to share some adventures with a lady who likes to grab life by the paws.

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5. He wants someone who won’t laugh at his poetry.

6. He’d like to meet someone who shares his love of healthy food.

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7. He doesn’t take the gym too seriously, but he does need someone to spot him.

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8. She’d like someone to go hiking with, because she can’t relate to birds.

9. He needs a TV buddy. It could turn into more, who knows - let’s see how things go.

10. Health nuts need not apply.

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